9 Motivational Fitness Quotes for Women Losing Weight


These Motivational Quotes are designed for women who are working hard to achieve their weight loss goals but need a little push to KEEP GOING!!! These 9 Motivational Fitness Quotes will give you the much needed boost to go that extra mile.

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Motivation #1 When you feel like quitting, DON’T. You only fail when you stop trying. Strive for progress and not Perfection. KEEP GOING!! How I lost 66 pounds while exercising at home!!!



Motivation #2 You only fail when you give up. KEEP GOING. You might be 2 feet from gold.


Motivation #3 Nothing grows inside your comfort zone, You cannot become who you want to be, by remaining who you are. Challenge yourself, take this 9 Day Detox Program


Motivation #4 Nothing worth having comes easy. If you have a goal, you need to keep going until you achieve it.


Motivation #5 Sitting on the couch and watching people achieve their dreams will not make yours come true. Go out there and make things happen. Drink this when you need a natural aloe vera energy boost


Motivation #6 Sitting on the couch and watching people achieve their dreams will not make yours come true. Go out there and make things happen.


Motivation #7 Your mind is the most powerful organ in your body. If you think you can, YOU WILL.Looking for an alternative way to get a well toned body, This is it.



Motivation #8 Planting and the harvest do not take place on the same season, keep planting you will surely reap what you sow.


Motivation #9 Run your race at your own pace. Do not compare your chapter 2 to someone else’s chapter 20.

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